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लगाव | Crime Patrol 48 Hours | Ep 57 | Full Episode | 8 Jan 2024

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Episode 57: लगाव
In Pune, Maharashtra, an unforeseen incident takes place wherein a twenty-two-year-old Piyali Baiga gets involved in an unforeseen incident on the day of her marriage, that shocks her family members. Now, stay tuned to know how well the police officials investigate the case and get a real clue about the whole case.

Show Name: Crime Patrol 48 Hours
Episode: 57
Producer: Credence Studio, Pictionary Players, Debros Entertainments, Camsklub

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About Crime Patrol 48 Hours:
Without a major breakthrough within the first 48 hours of a crime, the chances of solving it are cut in half. ‘Crime Patrol 48 Hours’ follows the police who combine quick thinking, exceptional detective work and seamless coordination as they chase down leads to capture the culprit within a short span of 48 hours.

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लगाव | Crime Patrol 48 Hours | Ep 57 | Full Episode | 8 Jan 2024

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