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Let’s Buckle Up and More Educational Videos for Kids

Educational Videos for Kids about good habits and safety with Diana and Roma’s Family

00:00 Oliver and Adam Let’s Buckle Up Story
02:53 First Day of Summer
07:43 Car Garage Adventure
10:59 Diana and Roma show how to save natural resources
15:17 ABC game – Alphabet Adventure with Oliver
23:14 Diana and Roma show Oliver Why brushing teeth is essential
27:46 Diana teaches Roma how to keep Eyesight
31:37 Toys Gets Stuck On Mom’s Face
36:02 Sink or Float – Cool Science Experiments for Kids
40:17 Oliver and Mom Reveal Safety Rules for Kids at Home
44:41 Roma and Diana help Oliver Potty Train
48:17 How to behave in a hotel
51:37 Oliver and Mom Explore New Countries

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