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NCT 127 엔시티 127 ‘Fact Check (불가사의; 不可思議) (2Spade Remix)’ MV

"iScreaM" is a new project by SM EDM label ‘ScreaM Records’, where global DJs and producers participate in releasing remix singles of SM artists’ music.

NCT 127’s “iScreaM Vol.29 : Fact Check (불가사의; 不可思議) Remixes” is out!
Listen and download on your favorite platforms:

🦾 ‘Fact Check (불가사의; 不可思議) (HYPNOSIS THERAPY Remix)’ Visualizer
🌉 ‘Fact Check (불가사의; 不可思議)’ MV

01 Fact Check (불가사의; 不可思議) (2Spade Remix)
02 Fact Check (불가사의; 不可思議) (HYPNOSIS THERAPY Remix)
03 Fact Check

ScreaM Records Official

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NCT 127 Official

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NCT 127 엔시티 127 ‘Fact Check (불가사의; 不可思議) (2Spade Remix)’ MV ℗© SM Entertainment, ScreaM Records

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